Sarah Abuhandara

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“The more radical the person is, the more fully he or she enters into reality so that, knowing it better, he or she can transform it. This individual is not afraid to confront, to listen, to see the world unveiled. This person is not afraid to meet the people or to enter into a dialogue with them. This person does not consider himself or herself the proprietor of history or of all people, or the liberator of the oppressed; but he or she does commit himself or herself, within history, to fight at their side.” -Paulo Freire-


Welcome to my digital home! I am a second year PhD student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. My scholarly interests include Palestinian literature and diasporic studies as well as contemporary multiethnic Global literature focusing on race, gender, hybridity, and resistance movements. Currently, I am conducting research for my dissertation that showcases the emerging cultural expressions of the Palestinian Texan hybrid identity that infuses influences of the East and West in a balanced and veritable way.

I am also interested in Medical Humanities and investigating the interconnectivity of folklore and medicine within the medieval era. In particular, I examine how narratives of folktales and folk traditions played a vital role in how society approached medicine during the Ottoman Empire.